Quickturfs child friendly artificial grass is manufactured for comfort and durability – for all ages to enjoy!

Looking for a quick play area for the children to play on the trampoline during a summer’s afternoon, a little rough and tumble with siblings, or running around with friends from school, synthetic lawn allows for a pleasant and safe experience for children of all ages.

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Outdoor play is proven to contribute to child development, and the summer months present the ideal opportunity to let our little ones run off some of their energy in the garden. Playing outside promotes both physical and mental well being, such as encouraging muscle strength, flexibility, motor skills, coordination, sensory perception, as well as boosting vitamin D levels.

Mud, hard surfaces and patchy or overgrown lawns, however, can hinder both child and parent enjoyment and safety in the garden. That’s why more parents are opting for artificial grass solutions to provide safe year-round outdoor play solutions for their children.

Quickturfs has more than a decades of joint experience supplying and installing artificial turf and a wealth of experience in creating fun, safe, durable, hygienic and well placed and positioned gardens for children to play. Artificial turf is extremely tough, durable and safe, making it a perfect surface for children to play on. Preventing mud and grass stain mess, fake grass also creates a softer, safer landing for your child if they fall over.

Our synthetic grass is safe for children and families, due to the soft and luxurious feel to it. Our synthetic grass uses an extremely soft yarn to ensure it is particularly suitable for children and pets to play on. This makes it safer for falls, with less scraped knees and tears. Combining this softness with incredible durability, our grass can stand up to running, football games, and unexpected tumbles.

Our synthetic grass for kids promises to deliver a safe and effective outdoor play area flooring that your children are able to fully enjoy, with no grass or muddy stained clothing. We can also assure you that your child will be without any skin burns usually caused by falling on synthetic lawn pitches.

Read our artificial grass installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to safely and securely install artificial grass.


Quickturf’s product range is approved, with its fear-free guarantee, to combat even the largest of activities on a classic children’s play area surface. Whether the kids are playing a fun game of soccer, cricket, rugby, riding on their bikes or maybe jumping on a trampoline, our artificial lawn will effectively withstand any rigorous play.

Keep your mind at ease as our carefully constructed artificial grass is designed to bounce right back, making it a perfect option for your kid’s play surface, with very little maintenance for your busy parental lifestyle, but if your grass is looking abit “down” give us a call as we can offer a remedy to this.


In order to fully cover your garden with child and family friendly synthetic lawn, the price will vary depending on the size of the surface. Our safe and child-friendly artificial grass costs from R189.00 per m2 for the 25mm Quickturfs Natural with a height of 25mm to display a realistic alternative to natural grass, but with all of the additional benefits.

Browse Quickturf’s artificial grass range for our full varieties and to discover your preferred style, however, for suitability with children and families, our 30mm Quickturfs Deluxe comes highly recommended for your little ones to safely have fun and create special memories on.

If you’d like any further advice on the best artificial grass for kids, be sure to get in touch with our team or specialists.

As you can see, our artificial grass can be used for a range of home purposes. Check out our range of products suitable for these applications below and remember you can order your FREE samples at any time.

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