How to Clean Artificial Grass

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As we all know, artificial grass is there to replace the real deal, but do you know how to clean artificial grass?

A lot of people are excited to get their synthetic grass installed, however they often forget to do research on how to keep it in tip top shape.

Luckily, the maintenance is rather low, but it is still something that needs to be done.

We have decided to put together some tips and tricks on how to clean artificial grass so that you can get it right the first time around!

Tips & Tricks: How to clean artificial grass:

  1. Water it down

There are a lot of places that are lucky enough to get a lot of rain throughout the year, especially in Winter, and this tends to do a good job at washing down your synthetic grass.

However, when the SUmmer hits and it is dry outside or you simply live in a dry area, you’re going to have to bring out your hose.

This is simply to wash away any dust, debris, dirt or fallen leaves that have started to gather.

Take note that we do NOT recommend using any harsh chemicals as this will break down the synthetic material.

With that said, you can add a tiny bit of vinegar to remove any bacteria.

How To Clean Artificial Grass


  1. Do you have pets?

If you have any sort of house pet in your home, be sure to read this part, if not you are more than welcome to read on.

To remove any feses, you are still able to use the general pooper scooper or plastic bag, so don’t get rid of those when you plan on installing artificial grass.

If you want to go one step further, you might want to have a membrane installed between the base and the grass patches as this will keep air flowing which will in return keep the grass fresh.


  1. Stains and burns

We all know that your artificial grass won’t stay clean forever. This is due to the fact that a lot of activity goes on outside such as family get-togethers, kids playing outside and pets running around.

At some point, it is bound to happen for some sauce to spill or oily stains to appear.

To remove these, you simply need to take some water and rinse it down. As easy as that! However, you do want to do it as soon as possible after it happened as this will be the easiest time to remove it.


  1. Weed killer – yes, really

You might be wondering why on earth you would want to add weed killer on synthetic grass, right?

Well, we don’t blame you for thinking that!

Let us make it a bit more clear.

The reason for doing this is because although weeds might not grow on fake grass, their seeds might be hibernating in the top layers of the soil underneath the installation. SO in order to prevent them from causing havoc, simply add some weed killer to your new lawn.

How To Clean Artificial Grass


  1. Weekly maintenance

It is always a good thing to stay consistent at these things, so we recommend taking one day a week to fully inspect your artificial lawn for anything you can possibly remove that has built up over the few days.

Hose it down, pick up any dirt or dog feces and then it will be as fresh as can be!

We hope you now have some more knowledge regarding how to clean artificial grass. As you can see, it is the bare minimum which means you get more time to focus on other things!

Happy cleaning!

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