How Artificial Grass Saves Water And Money

How Artificial Grass Saves Water And Money

Did you know that artificial grass saves water?

Whether we blew your mind or you already knew that, you’d be surprised to find out how much water you’re actually saving and why it’s so important.

Water is an essential resource, but no one can truly know how essential it is until they’ve experienced water shortages, restrictions and droughts. Sound familiar?

It certainly doesn’t help that homes with gardens use up to 46% of their water for gardening, with the rest used for flushing toilets, showering, and washing machines according to a BusinessTech article.

So if you were looking for one more reason to convert your lawn into an artificial one, this is that one reason. And it’s the most pressing one for you and your family.

Water Saving Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Save Big!

An average South African spends 200 liters of water each day on their gardens, according to The Gardener. Even though it’s not noticeable, water spent on natural gardens is an incredible waste during a drought.

Compared to natural grass, the amount of water spent on an artificial lawn is tiny. Why? Because artificial grass only needs to be watered twice a month!

This means you’ll be able to allocate the extra water to more important things. Imagine what you could do with 200 extra litres of water per day now that you’ve installed artificial grass.

The long lasting nature of artificial grass means you’ll not only save in water, but in finances too.

Pockets Get Greener

How much money you save is up to you. The bigger the artificial grass the bigger the rainy day fund. It doesn’t matter where you live or what the weather conditions are.

Your water meter is guaranteed to drop and so will your bill.

Spend On More Important Things

Once you switch to artificial grass, you can use that extra water and money on other creative ideas. New plants, decor for your new attractive garden or just extra maintenance supplies to look after your synthetic lawn will be beneficial.

It’s all up to you, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll have extra time and money for your family, friends and anything under the sun.

No More Worries

Gardening with a natural lawn may seem like an easy feat, but actually requires careful attention and proper care to get a green lawn all year round. Even with the proper care and maintenance, a healthy garden is not guaranteed.

Most of the time, people water their lawns incorrectly too! Too often, too little, at the wrong time, with the wrong techniques.

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that not everyone is an expert at gardening, but maybe that is exactly why you should convert to artificial grass. You’re guaranteed a pristine lawn all year long with the least effort.

Holiday Stress Relief

When the time comes for you and your family to leave the house and go on a fun family trip, your artificial grass will remain intact without any maintenance required.

You can leave your synthetic grass as is until you return and it will still look EXACTLY the same as the day that you left.

With a natural lawn, you’d either have to make use of the sprayer method or have your gardener come in weekly or daily to maintain your backyard. Not only is this wasteful, but it’s unnecessary and time consuming.

With artificial grass, you can leave backyard babysitting out of your holiday schedule and enjoy your vacation without stress!

No More Wasted Water

People often do not realize the large amount of water they use to maintain their natural grass. On average, people use 200 litres of water on their natural grass every day according to The Gardener. If done incorrectly, the amount of water that is wasted is substantial!

Here are some examples of how people waste water on their natural grass:

  • Using sprinklers when it is extremely hot outside (the water will evaporate and it will be as if it was never watered).
  • Using sprinklers when it’s raining (the rain is already doing the job for you).
  • Sprinklers that water the street more than the grass.
  • Giving flowers and shrubs the same amount of water as grass (they don’t need nearly as much).
  • Watering the grass every single day (your grass only requires water at least 2 times per week)

As you can see, there are MANY ways that people are wasting water, yet all of this can be solved with a set of pristine artificial grass.

It’s as simple as that – if your lawn does not need to be watered, what would you be wasting water on?

Make the change TODAY and get in touch with our team – we would love to assist you throughout this process and provide you with nothing other than the absolute best! We are the top supplier of artificial grass cape town.