Artificial Grass Saves You Money

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Artificial Grass has been around for quite some time now, but it is slowly but surely starting to grow even more popular and for one main reason – artificial grass saves you money!

You might be wondering how and why, but we are going to clear that up for you pretty soon.

Artificial Grass Saves You Money – How?

It saves water

Of course this is the main reason behind saving money, because you simply never have to water your grass again (ever).

To maintain an average real lawn, you are looking at sending approximately R1500.00 on water just to keep it lucious and green.

Isn’t that absurd?!

You can easily avoid this, save some extra money in a month and upgrade to our synthetic grass!

Artificial Grass Saves You Money


No more garden services

Besides spending money on water for your garden, there is still the garden services that end up adding up as well.

On average, we spend about R150.00 to R250.00 per week on garden services and this adds up to almost R1000.00 in a month.

So, combined with the water costs, you are already looking at about R2000.00 and up that you could be saving!


It can be used anywhere

A lot of people think that synthetic grass is only meant for certain uses, but you can literally use it anywhere! Whether it is at home, at the office or even for a golf course!

This means indoors, outdoors, residential open spaces, complexes, estates and even rooftop gardens.

So, if you own a place that needs to have luscious green grass all year round, you can save a lot of money by installing artificial grass instead.

Artificial Grass Saves You Money


Easy maintenance

As mentioned above, taking care of a real garden can be very costly. Luckily caring for artificial grass is very simple and affordable.

All you really need to do is to power brush the areas where a lot of people walk in order to prevent any dents or marks being left on the surface.

Did we mention you only have to do this once a week, too?

That’s right!

For those who own pets, here is some advice for you:

You are going to have to do daily maintenance by making sure to remove any pet feces straight away.

You can simply wash the grass down with hot water and if there are any stubborn stains, any cleaning detergents will do – just not the ones that contain bleach.

Before we bring this to an end, here is another top tip for those who might end up getting chewing gum stuck on their artificial grass:

Simply remove it by using dry ice. After freezing the gum, take a knife to scrape it off. You can get freezing aerosol cans from carpet cleaning suppliers.

Okay, now that you know how artificial grass saves you money, isn’t it just yet another reason to get yours installed?

We hope this blog has informed you on exactly why and how you can save money and water with synthetic grass.

If you have any further queries regarding any of this, please feel free to contact us today for assistance.

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