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Did you know that artificial grass saves water?

We might have just blown your mind or you’re thinking “Duh, I already knew that”.

Either way, we think it is a very important aspect of synthetic grass and we also believe that everyone should be made aware of the fact that artificial grass saves water!

Of course, if you were unaware of this, you might be wondering how and why exactly we are saying this, but lucky for you, we have come with not only a statement, but explanations too.

If you were looking for one more reason to convert your lawn into an artificial one, here is that one reason.

Artificial Grass Saves Water: How?

No watering needed

This is exactly how artificial grass saves water!

Of course this is the most obvious contributing factor, however we do still need to make sure that everyone understands this.

Think about how much money you spend every month just to keep your grass green?

Now think about that amount and the fact that you could be saving it instead.

That’s right, on top of saving water, you save money too.

Instead of having automated sprayers go on on weekends or holidays when you are gone, you can literally just leave your synthetic grass as is until you return and it will still look EXACTLY the same as the day that you left.

If you have normal grass, you’d either have to make use of the sprayer method or have your gardener come in weekly or sometimes even daily to maintain your backyard!

Artificial Grass Saves Water


People often do not realize the large amount of water they use to maintain their luscious green looking grass and we think it is very important to inform people.

A lot of the times, people are also watering their lawns incorrectly! Too often, too little, at the wrong time of the day and also in the wrong ways.

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that not everyone is an expert at gardening, but maybe that is exactly why you should convert to artificial grass.

Here are some examples of how people waste water on their grass:


  • Using sprinklers when it is extremely hot outside (the water will basically just evaporate and not do anything for your grass)
  • Using sprinklers when it’s raining (the rain is already doing the job for you
  • Sprinklers that water the street more than the grass (this we don’t need to explain)
  • Giving flowers and shrubs the same amount of water as grass (they don’t need nearly as much)
  • Watering the grass every single day (your grass really doesn’t need to be watered every single day.


As you can see, there are MANY ways that people are wasting water, yet all of this can be solved, because artificial grass saves water.

It is as simple as that – if your lawn does not need to be watered, what would you be wasting water on?

Make the change TODAY and get in touch with our team – we would love to assist you throughout this process and provide you with nothing other than the absolute best! We are the top supplier supplier of artificial grass cape town. 

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