Quickturfs artificial grass maintenance service will esnure you area is in tip top condition all year round.

An annual visit from the experienced and highly professional Quickturf’s team will have your synthetic grass perfectly green and clean in no time. The Quick-Maintenance package includes: brush and silica sand, weed and debris removal, maintenance for pets, and a full house option which includes all the aforementioned.

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As with natural grass, heavy use of the lawn may lead to some areas looking a little out of shape or flat. A stiff brush will help to lift the fibres. Imprints from the garden will lift naturally in time, but if required, a brush of the fibres will usually bring life back into your artificial grass.


Regular synthetic lawn maintenance will help prevent a build-up of debris, moss and weeds. A protective geo-textile weed barrier is fitted prior to fake grass installation, nevertheless, some weeds may appear over time. We remove fallen leaves and dust debris with a power broom or leaf blower.

We help prevent airborne spore or seeds that may appear both on the edging and in turf, we pluck them out, and use a gentle weed killer to prevent them re-growing. 

We round this off will a thorough brush to ensure any airborne spores in the artificial grass is brushed out increasing the life span of your area.  


Unlike real natural grass, artificial grass fibres are not damaged by animal feces or urine. As with most surfaces, however, strong smells can build up if not washed through and regularly, particularly in hot, dry weather. If you have more than 2 large dogs we recommend utilizing our maintenance package for pets. This service includes the sanitation of the area to ensure your best friends play area is hygienic. The second step is to use a bio chemical to remove any odours as well. Thirdly we will hose down the area to ensure all the bacteria are washed into the sub base and finally we will power broom the area to ensure its looking in tip top shape again, so you best friend can continue to enjoy their safe space. 


Quickturf’s synthetic grass is designed and tested to withstand the best and worst of the weather, as the ultimate low maintenance natural lawn alternative. To keep your artificial grass lawns in perfect condition for that flawless all year-round look, however, some regular maintenance care is needed.

An annual visit from the experienced and highly professional Quickturf’s team will have your lawn perfectly green and clean in no time. The Full House package includes:

  • Professional lawn inspection
  • Weed & Debris Removal 
  • Artificial Grass Sanitation (same as pet maintenance)
  • Check & redo loose edges (glue down firmly where needed) 
  • Artificial Grass Brush & Silica Sand

As you can see, our artificial grass can be used for a range of home purposes. Check out our range of products suitable for these applications below and remember you can order your FREE samples at any time.

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