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As we all know by now, a massive drought has struck Cape Town and has left the whole city as well as its citizens in absolute shock.

Extreme measures have been taken in order to save as much water as humanly possible, but with no rain and with a lot of people not complying to the rules, it seems impossible.

However, there is one thing that a lot of people haven’t taken into consideration and it could actually make a very big impact. We’re talking about the fact that we have the best Artificial Grass Cape Town has ever seen, yet no one is using it!

A lot of people seem to think that the drought and Day Zero is a hoax, so they continue about their day as though nothing has changed. They still leave the tap running when they brush their teeth, they take endless showers, do daily washing and.. They water their lawns!

They stand outside for about 15-2o minutes each and every day, watering away at their luscious green grass while the mother city is heaving for breath in the dry air.

We want you to PLEASE stop what you are doing and convert to artificial grass ASAP.

Not only will it help YOU save water and money, but it will help the city as a whole. If each and every resident had to replace their real grass with synthetic grass, there would be a HUGE difference in what the water shortage looks like.

You don’t NEED water to have green grass all year round. All you need to do is to have artificial grass installed and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again to make it look good.

We know a lot of people enjoy gardening, but it is time to think of the bigger picture and do whatever it takes to make a positive change in this situation.

The drought might not be affecting you just as of yet, but one day when Day Zero arrives and you open your tap to water your lawn and nothing comes out.. It will be far too late to think “I should have my extra part and gotten a synthetic turf installed”.

Of course installing artificial grass isn’t the only way you can make a difference, but it is definitely start and a good one at that! We use a lot more water on our gardens than we realize we do.

So, besides having the best artificial grass Cape Town has ever come across, how else can you save water?


Artificial Grass Cape Town & Saving Water:

  • When you shower, keep a bucket in there with you so that it can catch the water. You can then use this to flush your toilet instead of using 100% drinkable water.
  • Only flush the toilet when it is necessary – as they say, if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.
  • Fix all your leaks – go through the effort of checking all your pipes and taps to make sure there is no water leaking. This wastes a lot more than you would think.
  • Only ever wash your dishes when it is 100% necessary! There is no point in filling up the sink if there are only two or three plates and some cutlery. Wait until there is a fair amount.
  • You don’t need to wash your hair every day – opt for some dry shampoo and then a proper wash every few days apart. Natural oil is good for your hair after all, so you will actually benefit from it.

Artificial Grass Cape Town

There we go, ladies and gentlemen. Now you know where to get the best artificial grass Cape Town has ever seen as well as more tips on how to save water.

Remember, the drought is real and it is each and every one of us’ responsibility to contribute as much as we can! You can also view artificial grass price list here:

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